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AGCO 2016 Annual Report

Food Security

Food Security

The world’s future depends on food security. Ensuring we have sufficient food to meet the demand of a growing population and its changing diet while addressing resource and environmental limitations is a global challenge. AGCO has the solutions to help meet this challenge.

Our solutions to engineer food security include supporting sustainable productivity through technology and innovation to grow more food with fewer resources and reduce post-harvest losses all along the supply chain. By leveraging our expertise, our resources, and our worldwide brand network, we are developing solutions that will help farmers feed the world’s population – now and in the future.

Our Commitment to
Engineering Food Security

Ensuring the world has enough to eat is not an easy task, but it is a key driver behind our business – the business of supporting food producers around the world. Through responsible management of its portfolio of brands, AGCO is one of the world’s leading agricultural industry influencers and is actively involved in all stages of the agricultural life cycle.

AGCO is focused on delivering practical solutions to increase agricultural production with mechanization and boost productivity using precision farming technology. We also encourage healthy animal protein production with efficient and responsible solutions and support the delivery of more food to market by reducing post-harvest losses with better harvesting and grain handling.

Our global expertise and innovative technologies are focused on meeting the challenges that farmers face around the world. Through our development and innovation commitments, our goal is to empower farmers to find solutions to those challenges. That empowerment will help us collectively engineer food security and ensurethe sustainability of our business, our industry, and our planet.

As a global thought leader, AGCO supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and plays a critical role in notably addressing Goal 2* to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture; and Goal 12* to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns such as reducing post-harvest losses.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals*


The AGCO Solutions

Financial Highlights

  • $ 7.4BN Net Sales 2016
  • $ 169M Free Cash Flow*
  • $ 201.6M Adjusted Net
  • $ 2.47 Adjusted EPS*
* Please see reconciliation of non-GAAP measures on page 20 of the printed report.